Understanding Burnout

In a survey of HR professionals, burnout was well correlated with stress and incivility.

In other words, there is a marked relationship between how much stress and incivility you experience and how likely you are to burnout out.

Stress and Incivility

Not only do stress and incivility make you more likely to burnout, they also make it more likely that you are going to want to leave HR altogether!

HR professionals experience incivility and stress in the workplace at alarming rates: 52% experience mild incivility, 27% experience moderate incivility, and 5% experience severe incivility. Only 1.8% of HR professionals do not experience any stress at work.

Potential Solutions

HR Professionals try a variety of tactics to combat their burnout. Taking time off, practicing mindfulness/meditation/yoga, and exercising are the top three alternatives.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one solution that works for every person. Our stresses and frustration all stem from different areas and require different solutions to prevent and overcome burnout.

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